Presentations & Publications


Regional and National Presentations

2023 From Crochet Hooks to Dance Parties: The Many Ways of Battling Teacher Burnout. Eden, A. NSTA National Conference, Atlanta, GA (March 2023

2023 Mosquito Mania: A CER Investigation that Connects a Global Phenomena to Local Geography and Data. Eden, A. NSTA National Conference, Atlanta, GA (March 2023)

2022 "You can do this, I can help": Differentiating Math and Science for ELL students. Eden, A. & Leva, A. UTeach STEM Educators Conference, University of Texas-Austin. (June 2022)

2022 "I am a Scientist": Leveraging Student and Teacher Identities to Promote an Inclusive Classroom. Eden, A. NSTA National Conference, Houston, TX (April 2022)

2021 Ecosystem Explorers: What's in your Neighborhood? Eden, A. NABT Professional Development Conference, Atlanta, GA. (November 2021)

2021 Building Relationships to Strengthen Instruction: The Power of Good Vibes. Eden, A. Equity and Racial Justice in STEM Teacher Development Virtual Summit (June 2021)

2020 "¿Que es eso?” Differentiating Instruction for English Language Learners in the Biology Classroom. Eden, A. NABT Professional Development Virtual Conference. (November 2020) 

2020 “Why are we doing math in science class?” An interdisciplinary approach to assessing students. Eden, A. STEM20 Virtual Event by NSTA. (July 2020)

2020 Where should you complete your apprenticeship? A guide for pre-service Teachers. Eden, A. UTeach STEM Educators Conference, University of Texas-Austin (Proposal accepted, conference canceled due to COVID-19)

Invited Presentations

2022 Teach with NOVA. Bouquet, R., Eden, A., Stevens, S., White, L. GBH/PBS Learning Media. Online Webinar. (March 2022)

2021 Overcoming the Challenges of Delivering STEM to all Students. Collins, M., Eden, A., Ellis, M., Neely, C., Rose, L., Santana, C., Scott, T., Stephens, E., Tulinao, J.C., White, L., Williams, N. NSTA & Shell. NSTA21 Virtual Conference. (July 2021)

2020 Fall 2020: Starting Strong. Eden, A., Maguire, P., Taylor, A., UTeach STEM Educators Association Virtual Summit. (June 2020) 

Poster Presentations

2022 Ditch the Screens and get Outside! Exploring Ecosystems through an Inquiry-Based Project. Eden, A. NSTA National Conference Poster Share-a-thon, Chicago, IL. (July 2022)

2021 Socioeconomic and Demographic Factors that may Influence Success in Introductory Biology. Eden, A. & Wernick, N. Society for the Advancement of Biology Education Research (SABER) Virtual Conference. (July 2021)

2019 ¡Sí se puede! My experience working with English learners and strategies utilized to maximize academic success. Eden, A. UTeach STEM Educators Conference, University of Texas-Austin. (June 2019)


Eden, A. Ecosystem Explorers: Utilizing iNaturalist to Promote Inquiry in the Classroom. The American Biology Teacher (in press, 2022).