The Playing Field is not Even: Student Transitions from High School into College

Broadly, I am interested in the high school-to-college transition that students experience, especially those pursuing science or biology.

My Master's work at UMass Lowell explored this area by connecting students communities and high schools to success in college-level introductory biology.

My PhD work will expand upon this by focusing on Latino/a/e/x-identifying students enrolled at a Large Hispanic-Serving Institution

My research interest was inspired by own experience where I faced many unexpected challenges when transitioning into college and had to somehow find solutions. While I was able to find a way to persist in Biology, there are many who do not end up persisting. My goal is that those students have as much of a chance for success as everyone else.

Other Interests

In addition to my research interests above, I am also interested in several other areas such as:

Overall, my curiosity knows no limits, I am open to working on many things and with anybody! :)